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Why Mortgage Protection Insurance is Important for a Homeowner


Mortgage Protection Insurance can come in handy during a financially difficult time. We try our best to stay on top of our bills but we can be taken off course when emergencies and/or unexpected events occur. Learn more about how MPI can give you peace of mind!

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image How Do Chips Make Credit Cards More Secure?

With today’s advanced technology, data breaches are attempted more often. Older credit cards did not have the security features necessary to prevent your information from getting hacked. This is where the chip readers come into play! Encryption technology combined with random number generation means your information is safer than ever.

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5 Easy Breakfasts You Can Make The Night Before 

Whether you like getting an extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning or your alarm just happened to not go off, you should never skip breakfast! Not eating when you wake up can make you feel more tired than if you pressed the snooze button. Try these 5 easy breakfast recipes which can be made the night before allowing you to catch a few extra Zzzs!

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image Walking Has Benefits 

How many steps a day would you say you take? Adding a walk to your daily routine can not only help improve sleep but also reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Grab a friend, download a fitness app to track your steps, and put your walking shoes on!

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Robber Hit By Partner!

Take a look at this hilarious video of a robber accidentally knocking his partner out cold with a brick. Let’s just say this criminal will not be getting drafted into the MLB anytime soon with that aim!

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